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Definitely check out this video by Todd Lawson. Todd explains his process and documents the creation of his painting, "Idol Woody".

Todd Lawson Video "Idol Woody"

Todd Lawson Video  "Reconstructing Hope"


ARTIST STATEMENT: I could tell you about how deep my work delves; personally, emotionally and conceptually. I could tell you how much time I spend over-thinking, sketching and painting. How ideas get stuck in my head until I can think of nothing else. How I get stuck in my head. How the work juggles themes, concepts and narrative metaphors on subjects that interest me. But in reality, I am simply a curious person by nature who is more comfortable expressing ideas and emotions visually and like to create work you and I can escape into. I am fascinated with symbolism, pop culture, nostalgia and human nature. I will often go looking for a new subject or point of view to explore and become obsessed with it.

Work is often rendered with precision and detail as I possess a distinctly logical mindset and am drawn to trying to solve different problems visually. However, I don’t allow reality to trap me and favour contemporary surrealism over pure representational work. This allows me to use various imagined figures, animals and objects like actors, props and backdrops on a theatre stage. Creating worlds with mixed stories and points of view for my audience to digest, discuss and reflect upon. Most importantly feeding my curiosity. It’s been called whimsical, too sassy, awkward, smart, pretty, odd, offensive, challenging and all sorts of adjectives. I prefer to simply say it reflects my state of mind on any given day. Escape into my world for a little while.