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One on One Photography Lessons with Gary Ray Rush
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Elaine Fleck Gallery

One on One Photography Lessons with Gary Ray Rush


I'm all about teaching photography fundamentals and best practices. I've spent years perfecting my craft, from image capture through digital enhancement to presentation. I choice quality over quantity every time. I plan, I pre-visualize, I know my photography equipment - hardware and software - inside-out.

Whether you are shooting travel, nature, portraits, sports, documentary, architecture or fine art, I'm thoroughly experienced in all aspects of photography and gear my lessons with your interests in mind.

Your photos are reviewed and discussed and then instruction begins.

"Thank you Gary for your ability to remove unnecessary complexities sometimes associated with photography and communicating to us simplistically and yet skillfully the fundamentals of optics and exposure. What I tried to learn in a formal organization in 3 months without success, I learned from you in a 2 hour class. Nothing else needs to be said except thank you." - E.C.

"You are a maestro of lighting and portrait photography and I was delighted to be able to absorb at least a thin veneer of your knowledge" - D.C.

"I wish to express my thanks for such an informative and rewarding class. I'm very glad that I chose the one-on-one instruction and I am amazed by your sound knowledge and refined instructive methodology. Without making any assumptions of my understanding, you clearly and precisely defined the language of photography while ensuring that any misconceptions were cleared up and any questions that I had were answered. You married the theoretical with the practical so perfectly, that I am confident that I walked away with the hands-on knowledge and the foundation to immediately apply to my photography needs. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone desiring to learn the foundation and application of the art."
Regards, S. P. 

Dear Mr. Rush, 
"I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with students like myself. It is not often that a novice gets a chance to learn about the different aspects of photography- language, techniques - from an industry professional in his work environment. By combining theory and practice, using audio-visual aids, and most importantly, creating a student - centered learning environment, you have given me the base from which I can grow as an amateur photographer. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who wishes to learn the basics or improve their skills. Once again, thank you."
Yours truly, Ana A.