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As a well established art gallery owner, curator and art dealer for the past sixteen years, along with my experiences through "a lifetime in the arts", I have acquired a broad knowledge of both the primary and secondary art markets.

An artwork is in the Primary Market when it has been produced recently and is being sold for the first time. The Gallery Artists and Emerging Artists on my website fit into this category. Galleries and collectors invest in and drive the growth of an artist in the primary market.

Once an artwork is purchased in the primary market, it enters the secondary market. The secondary market refers to art that has been sold at least once before. In simpler terms, the secondary market deals with resale, typically with artworks by artists who have a substantial reputation. Secondary artists have more stable prices that have been confirmed in the art market and at art auctions.

In the secondary market, my team specializes in 19th century American and Canadian artworks by renowned artists.

As an art dealer I've created great relationships over the years with collectors and have an ever expanding network of art buyers that know they are in good hands. I care deeply about my public.

Do you have a valuable artwork that you would like to sell? Have you recently inherited artwork(s) that you are interested in selling and need an appraisal?

Start by sending photos of the artwork along with the artist's name and the dimensions of the work. If you have documentation such as a letter of authenticity or receipt, include that too.

My team will respond within 3 business days. If we are interested in selling your work we will do an evaluation of its value and authenticity.

Email: elaine at

I look forward to selling your art!

Elaine Fleck