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May 2022 a selection of talented photographers from recent submissions will be curated into a group exhibition.


The Exhibition will be held at the Elaine Fleck Gallery in May, 2022 with an opening reception on Saturday May 7th from 2-4pm.

Each photographer selected will exhibit one 60 x 40 inch or two 40 x 30 inch artworks for four 16 x 20 inch framed photographs for the duration of the exhibition.

Each photographer selected will be promoted on our website and to our client mailing list. The promotion will include each artist's name, curated photographs, media, dimensions and year, along with a brief artist statement.

The Exhibition will also be promoted through the Elaine Fleck Gallery's Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

The Elaine Fleck Gallery represents some of Canada’s highest selling artists, Many of these artists started with a submission to a Fleck Fine Art Exhibition.

How to submit: 

In Person: Photographers may submit through a portfolio review with the gallery director, professional photographer, curator and educator Gary Ray Rush. Portfolio reviews are scheduled and generally last up to an hour. You are required to bring at least one framed photograph suitable for an exhibition, the rest can be viewed in a portfolio or digitally or from a website. Independent and emerging photographers will pay a $40.00 portfolio review fee payable when scheduling your appointment. Aside from being considered for a Fleck Fine Art Photography Exhibition, portfolio reviews are an excellent opportunity for emerging / independent artists to benefit from the advice of an art industry leader. 

By Email: Email the following information (or your website if it contains all of the following info) to the curator, Gary Ray Rush at
It must include:  

  • Artist statement
  • Art media 
  • JPEGs of up to ten images (If you have several styles or bodies of work, up to ten images from each).
  • Title of each artwork
  • Dimensions of each artwork in inches
  • Education, training or experience
  • Exhibition history 
  • Contact information 

If submitting by email, you must also include a $40.00 administration fee or your submission will not be viewed. Pay through our website here Pay Administration Fee.

The total publishing, distribution & exhibition cost to each artist selected is $500.00 plus 13% HST.

We look forward to receiving your submission. 
Gary Ray Rush,
Elaine Fleck Gallery