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The focus of my artistic practice is generative design, to create complex forms and patterns from simple specifications. I aim to set up parameters of simple actions to affect base materials.  

The focus of the Invisible Cities drawings is to find the codes and pattern within the gesture and moment; how the action affects the result. Taking the banal gesture of crumpling paper and magnifying its affect by tracing the creases made, I meticulously outline the unique chaotic design, generating complex forms and configurations from simple specifications. The work displays the pattern of form, line and composition of everyday action, the generative design of the gesture. The organic shapes created by the gesture connect the body to nature.

In some cases, the organic patterns created from the crumpling of paper are then posed against rigid geometric compositions to demonstrate a dichotomy between natural and informed design. It is my intention to further investigate balance and rhythm between what is natural and what is structured, organic and geometric as it relates to a narrative of gesture.

Reuben Looyenga received his MFA at Central Saint Martin, London, UK. He has won the Murray Koffler Founding Members Purchase Award as well as the Grazyna and Martin Kabbat Award.

Reuben's work has also been exhibited in MIX Design Magazine quarterly issue number 19, 2010.

Reuben’s work has been exhibited and purchased for private collections in the United States, Canada and the UK well as the city archives collection of Toronto, Ontario.