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Email Administration Fee

Email Administration Fee


The FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Saturday September 29th, 2017

When submitting to the catalogue by email you must pay a $30.00 administration fee, taxes included, or your submission will not be viewed.



Fleck Fine Art Catalogue & Group Exhibition, winter 2017

All submissions will be reviewed by Elaine Fleck. Twenty Five artists will be selected to participate in a two-week group exhibition titled "Contemporary Artists You Should Know About". The Exhibition will be held at the Elaine Fleck Gallery at the height of the shopping season, the first two weeks of December 2017.

All 25 artists selected will be published in the Fleck Fine Art Catalogue along with artists represented by the Elaine Fleck Gallery. The catalogue also features interviews with and articles by leaders in the Canadian Art World. 

Each artist published receives a full colour 5.5 x 8.5 inch catalogue page displaying their artwork, curated by Elaine Fleck.

The catalogues are distributed online to our patrons and collectors, some of whom of course hold very significant art collections. 

The Fleck Fine Art catalogue is shared online through our website and through numerous social media outlets and viewed by thousands of art enthusiasts.

THREE CURATOR'S CHOICE AWARD WINNERS are selected from the "Contemporary Artists You Should Know About" Group Exhibition by Elaine Fleck. 


Each AWARD WINNER will participate in a TWO WEEK GROUP EXHIBITION at the Elaine Fleck Gallery, titled "CURATOR'S CHOICE AWARDS".

The Elaine Fleck Gallery represents some of Canada’s highest selling contemporary artists. Many of these artists started with a submission to the Fleck Fine Art Catalogue.

Amy Shackleton is now one of the highest selling artists in Canada. Since submitting to the Fleck Fine Art Catalogue back in 2009, Amy has reached mid-career status! She has had a significant number of sell out solo exhibitions at the Elaine Fleck Gallery, which placed her work in an impressive number of private and corporate collections. Amy has received regional, national and international recognition through an array of art media. To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, Amy Shackleton has completed her most ambitious project to date. “THE GREAT CANADIAN LEED-SCAPE”, is a 53 foot long painting, (thirteen panels, one for every province and territory). It celebrates the best in sustainable urban planning, from sunrise to sunset, across this great land. Elaine Fleck has organized exhibitions of this masterpiece in several public galleries across Canada in 2017, including Ms. Shackleton’s first museum exhibition.

Lloyd Arbour applied and was accepted to the catalogue in 2013, Lloyd received the mentorship and support of Elaine Fleck. Lloyd is now represented and featured regularly at the gallery. Through the Elaine Fleck Gallery, Lloyd’s art has been featured on the TV show Suits and The Strain III and has been the featured artwork on trailers for both shows! His cutting edge, photography based, digital composites, have been placed in incredible collections.

Artist Harrison Taylor after participating in the catalogue has had several of his series exhibited at the Elaine Fleck Gallery. Elaine Fleck sold three of his large pieces to the permanent collection of NBC in New York!

Karen Colangelo submitted to the catalogue. Karen took seriously Elaine Fleck’s art talks and mentorship sessions. Karen has gone on to be one of the Elaine Fleck Gallery’s top selling artists with sell out shows, highly sought after commissions and an impressive list of clients.

We are always looking for wonderful talent to expose to art buyers. 
Submit today! Here’s how: 

Submission Guidelines:  Your submission can be on a disc, memory stick or emailed. Contact The Director to request the submission's email address. 
It must include:  

  • Artist statement
  • Art media 
  • Up to ten images (If you have several styles or bodies of work, up to ten images from each) at 300 ppi 10 inches longest side.
  • Title of each artwork
  • Dimensions of each artwork in inches
  • Education, training or experience
  • Exhibition history 
  • Contact information 

The SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Saturday September 29th, 2017
You must also include a $25.00 administration fee, cash or cheque made out to The Elaine Fleck Gallery or your submission will not be viewed. 
If submitting by email, pay through our website here Pay Administration FeeOnline submissions pay a $30.00 administration fee.
Mailing and drop-off address:  
Elaine Fleck Gallery 
1351 Queen Street West Toronto, 
ON Canada M6K 1M1

If selected Elaine Fleck will personally contact you by phone. The total cost to each artist selected is: $500.00 plus 13% HST, payable by credit card.

We look forward to receiving your submission. 

Gary Ray Rush,
Toronto Fine Art Awards