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Photography has been my profession since I opened my first studio in 1995. I started studying the subject of photography in earnest in my early twenties and I've acquired an extensive library on the subject over the past 35 years.

My extensive past involvement in traditional film based photography provided me with a solid foundation in the art and science of photography. Today my routine includes regularly testing new equipment and keeping up with new digital imaging practice and techniques as they are released.  - Gary Ray Rush

Gary Ray Rush is an accomplished photographer specializing in corporate, portrait and fine art photography. An experienced educator, Gary’s passion for teaching equals his love for capturing outstanding images. Gary's portraits grace the walls of many boardrooms and institutions. He is published in newspapers and magazines and websites locally, internationally; his fine art hangs in homes and offices around the globe.


I opened my first professional studio and dark room in 1995. Since then I have had the privilege and pleasure of photographing thousands of people from a vast variety of backgrounds and I have gone on to photograph portraits of many top leaders in business and leaders in the arts.

With my most recent fine art series I am photographing “objects of invention”. I’ve coined the term “Macro-Pan” to describe the technique I use. The process incorporates still life photography and lighting techniques with macro photography then in postproduction the merging of multiple photographs using Photoshop to create panoramas. The final image is a large-scale photograph of a relatively small object that is lit exquisitely and brimming with detail.

I continue to write and conduct photography workshops covering a spectrum of subjects including Studio Portrait Photography, The Art of Photographing Dance, Available Light Portrait Photography,  Composition, Architectural Photography, Still Life Lighting, Macro - Pan Photography, Adobe Lightroom and Advanced Adobe Photoshop.


Selected Clients

American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
AIMA Canada
Bell Canada
Branksome Hall
Canadian Executive Services Organization
Designated Survivor (TV series)
The Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
Excultate Chamber Singers
Jim Fleck, Toronto
Fraser Mackenzie
George Brown College
Harris Institute
Integrated Asset Management
Investors Group Inc.
JC Clark Investments Ltd.
Linden School for Girls
NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group
New Beauty Magazine
Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Shrinking Planet
Suits (TV series)
Toronto Life Magazine
Toronto Symphony Orchestra