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One Step at a Time 1


One Step at a Time 1


48 x 60 inches

Oil on canvas


"One Step at a Time highlights the perseverance involved in the journey of healing from intergenerational trauma and any hidden battles we face. Reflecting on memories, uncovering truth, building self-esteem, and tiptoeing through fragile subjects are necessary to reach higher peace. This discomfort often presents itself in our home, a place of vulnerability. Familiar memories are woven within carpet threads, and choosing to continue barefoot into unfamiliar spaces is an act of bravery. A glowing light of hope accompanies me, guiding me with resilience through each odd step forward, sideways, and even backwards. Progress will be slow to find the right pathway, and obstacles will fall even when being the most careful, but it’s about choosing to continue anyway.”        - Rebecca van Gennip


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