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Nikon F2
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Gary Ray Rush

Nikon F2


30 x 40 inches
archival ink matt print
mounted on acid free backing
edition 2/6


  • Macro: Photographing small objects using close up photography equipment so that the object can be printed greater than life size. From Greek "makros" meaning “large” as in macro photography.
  • Pan: Photographing several slightly overlapping sections of a scene or object by tilting or swinging a camera from one side to another or up and down. From Greek "pan" meaning “all, all-inclusive” as in the word panorama. - GRR
  • In my studio I’ll take several test shots in order to choose the angle and lighting that draws attention to the beautifully designed features of my subject. Once the angle and lighting are worked out I’ll shoot close-ups of each facet of the object. I shoot each close-up using a macro lens and sized in camera to print sharp and render excellent detail at approximately 16x20 inches. Using Adobe Photoshop I then merge as many as thirty of these photo files together resulting in a file that can be printed gigantic with uncompromising detail at close inspection. Next in Photoshop I'll transform the image to bring the object back to its original perspective. Finally the retouching; often the objects I’m choosing are decades old and show tremendous wear and tear, my challenge in retouching is to leave the character that only use and age can produce while ensuring the original design elements shine through.


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