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"In Sync" 40x60inches
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Jacqueline Veltri

"In Sync" 40x60inches

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Oil on panel



My paintings are a reaction to the ever changing world around us. I illustrate three elements in my work; creativity, nature, and technology.

We are constantly bombarded with new technology to make our lives easier and in order to connect to each other. Although most technology has a positive effect on us, we risk losing our humanity to it if we are not careful. One example of this is how connected we are through cell phones and the social media, yet face to face contact seems to be diminishing.

I illustrate in my work that creativity, nature, and technology are closely related. It is my feeling that creativity, including visual art, music, dance, and theatre, are the greatest way to express our humanity. Pure artistic creation is what gives us our individuality, our voice, and illustrates our perceptions. Nature gives us inspiration as well as the materials needed to create and to build. Technology gives us a certain amount of ease in life, and starts out as a creative process. Technology is, after all, a human construct. We are at a point in history where it is ever important to express our humanity and maintain our control over technology, and appreciate the planet we live on. - Jacqueline Veltri


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