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CMY 6 A Black Couch with one black and white textured pillow sits on the wood panelled floor directly in front of a white wall. Above the couch is a beautiful 60 x 40 inch photograph of a large colourful cube with sections in cyan, yellow, magenta, green, red, purple, brown and black against a grey vignette background and framed with this ½ inch white wood.

Gary Ray Rush



48 x 36 inches
Printed with an acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a natural textured finish, using archival ink pigment. This paper has an extremely-high colour range.
Edition of 1 of 10

CMY 6 photograph, This translucent cube has 2 sides Cyan, 2 sides Magenta and 2 sides Yellow. My task in photographing the cube is to light it and angle it so that the 3 primary colours mix to create other colours.

This is a digital photo, its not a painting or graphic design. Its very satisfying to achieve 9 distinct colours from the original 3 by mixing the 3 primary colours together with lighting. I took the time needed to symmetrically frame the cube with the aid of a geared tripod head and shooting tethered so I could make minuet adjustments with the aid of a larger monitor.

I’m photographing a new series based on “Colour”. From the standpoint of its derivation/definition, photography (writing with light) in its essence is all about capturing light, either bouncing off of or being absorbed by an object. This phenomena produces colour. The iconography of and expression through colour leads down many roads; the emotional, psychological, the spiritual and the sublime, as well as its many practical, utilitarian applications. Colour has been scientifically defined and explained. It’s been studied by psychologists and advertising people in an effort to discover its ability to manipulate emotions and compel behaviour. Artists have been observing and experimenting with colour…, well, for as long as there have been artists.


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