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Born in France and raised in Canada, Jacqueline knew from a very young age that she would be an artist. Spending all her free time painting, she found inspiration in virtually everything that surrounded her. After graduating from The Ontario College of Art in 1992 she primarily worked freelance doing illustration and portrait commissions. She began running workshops and teaching classes at various arts groups in 2009. Jacqueline’s work has been featured in several publications both locally and internationally.

Jacqueline’s work can be found in collections in France, the UK and Canada.

Jacqueline Veltri : Artists’ Statement

My work allows me to speak about the sometimes forgotten subtleties in my environment. Through careful observation I am connected to my environment, and by recording it I invite the viewer to participate in my experience.

Although based in reality, it is not my intention to mimic life, but rather to attempt to understand what I observe. I am drawn to antiquated technology and the architecture hidden within. I find the detail intriguing in contrast to today’s stream lined designs both inside and out. My chosen subject matter is often altered in the scale in which it is represented giving the subject matter an inherent contradiction. I reveal the subject by dismantling the beauty and mystery of it and reassembling it in my medium of choice.

I paint primarily in oils using thin layers of paint. I sand between layers removing areas of paint revealing some of the initial layers, aiding me in giving these objects a real sense history. When working in graphite, I begin with a mid-tone layer of graphite, adding the deeper tones, then revealing the light by removing graphite to let the light of the paper shine through.

 Summary:         In my search for truth and aesthetic, I have been making art my entire life.

Education:         1992, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Experience:       I served as vice president of Visual Arts Brampton from 2010 to 2014 where I also taught both adult and youth members. I work mainly in oils and graphite. I was an exhibiting member of Wellington Artists’ Gallery from 2011-2012, and have been a member of the Colored Pencil Society since 2011.