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Artists' Submissions



Independent and Emerging Artist
You have specialized training in your field (not necessarily gained in an academic institution). You have created a modest independent body of work. You have shown at local galleries and/or are participating in shows for independent artists. The term emerging artist is often used for young and recent graduates from an art college, but can also apply to someone who’s made a career change or is now prioritizing art as a career.


Mid-Career Artist
You have created an independent body of work over a number of years. You have had a significant number of solo exhibitions at significant galleries and/or museums, nationally or internationally. You have received regional, national or international recognition through a major museum publication or a publishing house. Your work is in an impressive number of private and corporate collections. It’s your accomplishments as a mid-career artist that determines your status not your age.


An Established Artist has reached a very advanced level of achievement in their career as an artist. They are recognized nationally or internationally for having made a significant contribution to the arts. Their work has been collected and exhibited in museums nationally and internationally. There are a number of publications dedicated to their work and they have earned national or international recognition and respect as an artist of the highest prestige. An established artist is considered “blue chip” in the market, established by years of consistent sales and their value has been confirmed at auction and in public records. 


The Elaine Fleck Gallery is currently accepting submissions from artists with an emphasis on painting, mixed media and photography.

Independent and emerging artists may submit through a portfolio review with gallery owner, curator and art dealer Elaine Fleck. Portfolio reviews are scheduled and generally last up to an hour. You are required to bring at least one piece suitable for an exhibition, the rest can be viewed in a portfolio or digitally or from a website. There is a $25.00 portfolio review fee payable at the time of your appointment. Aside from being considered for the Fleck Fine Art catalogue, portfolio reviews are an excellent opportunity for emerging artists to benefit from the advise of an art industry leader. 

To set up an appointment for a portfolio review
call 416 469 8005 or email: The Director

Out of town Independent and emerging artist may submit online:

There is a $30.00 portfolio submission fee payable here before your submission will be reviewed. 

Email the following info to The Director
Artist statement
Contact information

And provide a website address containing 
Each body of work you are proposing to show
Title, media, dimensions and year of each artwork in inches

Once your submission and fee are received, Elaine Fleck will review your submission and provide you a written response within seven days.


Mid-career artists submissions 
Email: The Director the following info (or your website).

Artist statement 
Art media 
Up to ten images (from each body of work you are proposing to show.)
Digital images should be RGB, jpeg format, no greater than 1200 x 1200 pixels
Title of each artwork
Dimensions of each artwork in inches
Contact information


Established artist submissions                                

Email the following info to The Director

A one-page description of the proposed exhibition with your artist statement and images of the artwork you are proposing to show. Digital images should be RGB, jpeg format, no greater than 1200 x 1200 pixels. Include the title of each artwork, dimensions of each artwork in inches, contact information and your website.