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Rhythm in Blues
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Jacqueline Veltri

Rhythm in Blues

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oil on panel

36 x 48 inches



This piece is the genesis for the entire series. It began as a self-portrait reflecting two of my favorite things, painting and music.

The colours are inspired by the flag of the country of my birth, France. I began with the background, using paint brushes I painted texture allowing the music to guide my brush. I then masked off sections I wanted to preserve, and began painting using paint soaked string, dropping the string onto the surface of the painting to the beat of the music. I alternated between painting with a brush one day, and painting with string the next, building up the surface of the painting creating an effect of looking through the rhythm to the more ambient sound in the background. Over the weeks of painting, I would play different records every day affecting my movements, thus affecting the frequency of the rhythm. Using colour temperature and tone, I was able to create vibration to represent music.

I found this way of working conducive to creativity and decided to build a series around it.


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