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Indigo Photo Quilt Nothing But flowers
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Indigo Photo Quilt Nothing But flowers Indigo Photo Quilt Nothing But flowers


Indigo Photo Quilt Nothing But flowers

Indigo Quilt, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Maine 2022
25.5" x 44". (64.7cm x 111.76cm)
9 inkjet photos on rice paper, indigo dye and linen thread
Custom framed with walnut w/o plexi
Framed price $6875
Unframed price: $6250

My mixed media artworks are photographs of these scenes but really are about joy and facing new life transitions. Images—floating petals in water, deep green algae, crisp fall apples, and sparkling blue waters—are sewn together to tell my story. Within this long tradition of women creating story-quilts, I take pride in joining this tradition by enhancing my images with hand-sewing, dyeing, and quilt-making. Woven with each stitch, and with every hand dyed fold, my photographs represent a hopeful future and also continue a rich history of women making art together.
My goal is to capture joy and beauty, often in nature, with my one of a kind artworks and share this love with others to transport us all back to those magical places.


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