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Shinjuiku Nights

Anastessia Bettas

Shinjuiku Nights


36 x 36 inches

Encaustic on wood panel 


Anastessia Bettas Artist Statement for Journeys in Japan

My practice engages an ongoing investigation into the topography of remote landscapes juxtaposed with urban sprawl and the loss of open space. I create dreamlike imaginary territories by capturing the energy and tension between geographical areas using grids to evoke maps, satellite images, architectural structures and migration. 

These paintings were created as a reaction from my trip to Japan last summer. The first half of 2018 left me emotionally and mentally drained after losing two family members a month apart. My trip to Japan was planned as an anniversary celebration but it became a journey of healing which was unexpected. After travelling around the country visiting historical and religious sites, I returned home with a renewed sense of inner peace and regained my focus and energy. This became my motivating force to produce paintings to share my personal response to these extraordinary places. 

“Shinjuku Nights” 36”x 36” Encaustic on wood panel; 2019
Over 3 million people travel into Tokyo on a daily basis making Shinjuku Station the world’s busiest train station. Shinjuku is also home to the largest entertainment district which lights up the skyline with vibrant, neon signs. The area pulses and buzzes at night giving off a vibration in the air.