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The Fictional Truth

The Fictional Truth

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36 x 120 inches Diptych

Series: Oxymoronic Referee of Colour 

by Karen Colangelo

I began my Contradiction concept 4 years ago and it continues to be developed based on the concept of opposites. All elements of my work are a contradiction from the beginning to the end. I begin applying the dance of colour with a paint brush and then finish the composition by dragging the fight of colour with a sheet of plexiglass. There is a paradox in all of my work and each of the painting titles bring attention to my concept.

This work illustrates my commitment of studying and mastering the theory of colour; and opposite colour relationships. Each piece is a reflection and a reality of opposing painting techniques and complementary colour schemes. I have introduced the opposite of colour application with the paintings that show no colour. What does remain consistent is that the pieces are finished presenting a combined harmonious and engaging statement.

I am always fascinated and excited by the study of opposites, and my concept can be defined as the painting style ‘oxymoronic’. As we know, the rhetorical term oxymoron, is made up of two Greek words meaning "sharp" and "dull," which is itself oxymoronic. During my painting process, I become the oxymoronic referee of colour. I am compelled to allow the creation of simple yet complex abstract scenes that ask and answer questions to you viewer. It is important for me to constantly think outside the paint tube and search for new ways to express my contradictory painting style.