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Kathy Kissik


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photo based mixed media

15.25 x 21 inches


Syphon, a tube used to convey liquid upwards from a reservoir and then down to a lower level of its own accord. Once the liquid has been forced into the tube, typically by suction or immersion, flow continues unaided.

It is this nature of force that once started can take an unprecedented life and direction of it own. Driven by this force there is an ability to corrode from within despite the best efforts of the individual. As we enter a new stage of institutional denial of global warming. I wanted to contrast relentless industrial corrosion for gain alongside the emptiness of futurist rhetoric (the symbolized titanium sun). Sandpaper, oxidation, and outmoded metals form the composition. These materials refine as well as degrade. What has the syphon of change started and where will we now flow?


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