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"Star Child" by Mariana Paloscia
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"Star Child" by Mariana Paloscia


48 x 48 inches

Acrylic on canvas


Mariana Paloscia is a Puslinch-based self-taught artist who enjoys working with acrylics, using a combination of texture and color. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineer from the University of Waterloo and has a Professional Engineer designation. Her latest acrylic paintings are a clear reflection of her passion for astronomy and space exploration and her own interpretation of nebulae (enormous clouds of dust and gases in space), mostly based on photos captured by NASA's telescopes but modified to look like something we can identify on Earth.



“Open your mind, look at the big picture, and never stop being curious.”

We need to open our minds to help us contemplate unexpected explanations to yet to be answered questions. We live in a giant universe in a relatively tiny rock, where everything is interconnected and seems to always want to be balanced. Looking at the big picture helps us keep that in mind.  This is symbolized in the paintings by including small to large known objects in our universe. Large objects include stars and dust clouds, the mesh around stars indicates the warp gravity makes in time-space explained by General Relativity, and the small objects include particles from cellular size to nano scale (bubble chamber particle trace markings; DNA code, chromosome shapes, cell shapes). -It is also a reminder that we are yet to discover a mathematical explanation to these two very small and very large worlds as a whole-. That leads to the last part of the message. Because we have yet to discover and explain so many things, it is important that we never stop being curious. Curiosity has kept us on the road for discovery and technological advancement and innovation, this is symbolized in the paintings with a telescope outline.


Title: ‘Star Child: Open Your Mind Monkey’ (2019)

Medium: Acrylics

Size: 36-in x 48-in on canvas

Monkey Head Nebula (NGC2174): Emission Nebula. This nebula is located in the constellation Orion.

Distance: 6400 Light Years


RA 06h 09m 10.0s

DEC 20° 27’ 20.0”


Photo Credit: Nasa/ ESA/Hubble Aura/STScl


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