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ROB WHITE "Follow Me"
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ROB WHITE "Follow Me"


30 x 24 x 39 inches

Mixed media

Antique frame


Artist Statement: 

There are multiple ways to view “Follow Me”; is this a man so connected to the electronic world that he is oblivious to his body and surroundings? Will he continue to walk until his head is submerged or could this be a metaphor for Western capitalism, the moral-less pursuit of profits leading us all to our demise? When observed from an aerial viewpoint, a paradox emerges: he is a part of the landscape and yet, there's a yearning to rouse him from his amnesia. In my art, through the creation of portals offering a bird's eye view, I extend an invitation to the viewer to engage in this shift of perspective, encouraging a playful interaction with the scene.

My upbringing alongside the Pacific Ocean on the South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand left an indelible mark on me. Witnessing my grandfather build in his small garden workshop for the pleasure of making people happy ignited my passion for craftsmanship. Having traversed the globe, I honed my skills by creating stop-motion and live-action film sets and building custom furniture. Drawing upon my extensive life experiences of manipulating and repurposing objects, I channel these skills into expressing the essence I believe should endure in humanity— a recollection of our joyful and playful nature.


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