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MARIO CERRONI "Interspace 6"
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MARIO CERRONI "Interspace 6"


Scanned analog photograph

Archival pigment inks

30 x 30 inches

Framed, museum glass

Edition 1/6

About this series of images:

When COVID struck, we were suddenly isolated from the world around us. We struggled with where we were and lamented the barriers that kept us from where we wanted to be. Beauty faded into the distance. Peace could be found. But we were forced to look past barriers to see it. These images illustrate that the world in all its beauty was still there, beyond the barriers that we were resolved to overcome.

“interSpace 1” and “interSpace 6” are part of the series “interSpace”, which was created in response to COVID restrictions.

Mario Cerroni’s photographs explore both natural and man-made environments, and their effect on the human psyche. The interaction within this relationship sometimes reveals a complementary association while others portray a metaphorical representation of the barriers we face and attempt to overcome.

Mario Cerroni’s photographs are the result of curiosity and an examination of identity, beauty, aging and mortality.


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