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Little Sweetums
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Mary Ann Slater

Little Sweetums


36 x 60 inches

Acrylic on canvas


I strive to express joy through my work - through colour, subject matter and composition. So what could be a more joyful subject than candy? This piece was inspired by a recent trip to a small town general store, with shelves filled to the rafters of jars upon jars of candy. It was busy with children, teenagers and adults alike waiting for their turn to pick out their favourites. It was a common denominator, this love for a personalized treat, and stirred memories of childhood.

I wanted to capture this moment on a canvas, the energy, the colour and the nostalgia. I’ve used a combination of colours and texture to create movement and life in this painting. Layers of colour bring each jellybean to life as they spill out of the jar, while fine white lines define the creases in the wax wrapper of the salt water taffy.  Candy, a subject so seemingly simple, became a source of inspiration and joy.  So as your eye moves through this piece, from the jar to the candy canes, let it serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


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