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Elizabeth Hardinge


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54 x 58 inches

Oil on canvas


“Fabric of Life” - latest series 2018

Elizabeth Hardinge approaches all her abstract pieces from the basis of emotion. Through abstract expressionism, a dialogue unfolds to form a series of comments to convey a message to her viewer. Her latest series titled “Fabric of Life” explores the layers of life that create the individual. Our soul is with us at birth and evolves throughout your life. There are many interwoven emotions that weave together to create the inner you and the fabric of life. The layers are often passionate, delicate and deep. They form the clothing around your soul that gives you life, passion and the ability to love.

These oil on canvas large scale paintings express the deep inner emotions that weave together to create your soul. There is a core focus, deep down within revealing your beginning. The layers that build upon this represent all the years of knowledge, emotion, sadness, joy, and experiences to create who we are as individuals.


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