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"Dancing into the roaring twenties" by SHANNON LIVELY
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"Dancing into the roaring twenties" by SHANNON LIVELY

Dimensions: 40 x 60 inches 
Media: Oil on linen
Year: 2020

Artist Statement

I am a realist artist who loves dance. The art that I am currently creating focuses specifically on dance, taking realistic, highly finished figures and accenting them with expressive brushwork to suggest motion.

Dancing into the roaring twenties is my first painting in this new body of work. The girls featured in the painting are a pair of playful flappers out for a night of fun. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, this piece draws on nostalgia for a past that was footloose and fancy-free. Together, the girls dance the lindy hop, a fast-paced, lively swing dance that was created in the 1920s. The brunette is a strong, confident dancer who wears a slight smirk as she leads. The red head follows. She is along for the ride, dancing for the sheer joy of moving in time with the music. In the painting, the girls’ legs are intentionally slightly out of focus. Subtle swooping brush strokes below the girls’ knees visualizes the swinging motion created by their footwork as they dance across the floor.

In addition to dance, this piece also speaks to my interest in retro fashion. The girls’ dresses were inspired by the luscious fashions depicted in films and movies set in the 1920s, particularly Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. - SHANNON LIVELY


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