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EMMETTE LEWIS “Through the Green”
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EMMETTE LEWIS “Through the Green”


36 x 48 inches

Oil on canvas


Through the Green
The body of this female figure is submerged in her environment, as though swaddled in the leaves. She adorns the earth as an armor; a protective shield used to cradle and nurture her body. Only the woman’s portrait remains independent from the floral as to look at the beauty surrounding her.”

Artist Statement - Emmette Lewis - Elaine Fleck Gallery 2023

Terra Fables Series:

Primarily, Emmette’s work regards expressionist portraiture and anomalous figures which take influence from her cultural heritage in South Africa, and formative experiences growing up in British Columbia. Her portraits coalesce within the organic foreground, intricately intertwining the nurturing embrace of the environment. The merging of her subjects aims to capture the very theology of nature's divine energy. The female figures which are gracefully bound between the flora and fauna pay homage to an eco-conscious existence and our symbiotic relationship with the earth. Using a combination of color, shape, texture and tone Emmette explores the ambiguity of stylized and structural beauty. Within the juxtaposing form of imagery, the subject of her works asks the audience to question the relationship between the apparent and the hidden; to consider what exists beyond what is seen.