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Diana the Huntress with Tony the Tiger
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Elaine Fleck Gallery

Diana the Huntress with Tony the Tiger

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Edie Vonnegut

The kind of painter I am. 

My paintings are loaded with overt obvious messages.
In the distant past, images were used to illustrate passages in the Bible, to glorify war and specific people and so forth, in essence propaganda. My work is trying to establish new stories where the women are not so demeaned and are actually important and brave, and to expose the ravaging and poisoning of our planet. I’m an unabashed content loaded illustrator painter trying to knock down what I object to and glorifying what I deem worthy of majestic representation. Today most of the images blaring at us are billboards trying to sell us stuff. This is why I want my own billboards by the sides of highways. Because I believe the same visual that makes you buy Doritos can make you love peace, beauty and justice. Our eye balls are connected to the deepest part of our brains. What we see influences our thoughts, often subconsciously. Unfortunately our eyes have been having a banquet of empty calories in the form of advertising. As the natural world is slowly getting gobbled up we need an antidote to the consumer siren song. New allegories, new images to inspire us to act and give us strength.