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Colour Me Happy
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Mary Ann Slater

Colour Me Happy


72 x 48 inches

Acrylic on canvas


Artist Statement:

"Seeing Colour" series

Have you ever found yourself driving up the DVP, stuck in traffic yet again, only to catch yourself smiling when you see the rainbow tunnel come into view? That pop of colour took you out of the mundane drive and brought you into a moment of joy. 

Colour holds the power to bring a smile to our face, even when we least expect it. It has the ability to trigger memory and emotion – like the smell of a fresh box of crayons, or the feel of using the rotary phone dial.  

Seeing colour is about actually noticing the colour, and seeing it for what it is. Blue is not just “blue” it is navy, or sky blue. Orange is not just “orange” but it is tangerine or melon.  Seeing Colour is a celebration of the tints, shades and tones that make up our world - it’s about enjoying the colour, and finding moments of joy in our everyday lives. 


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