Curated Contemporary Art
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MAY 2017 
John Ferri
ARTORONTO - JOHN FERRI interview by Emese Krunák-Hajagos



Lloyd Arbour
ARTORONTO - LLOYD ARBOUR interview by Nika Teper



James Maxwell
THE JEALOUS CURATOR BLOG raves about James Maxwell

James Maxwell
ARTORONTO - JAMES MAXWELL interview by Nika Teper


AUGUST 2016  

Kathy Kissik
Our Town "Art Meets Science: Kathy Kissik" by Joanne A. Calitri


Kathy Kissik 
Kathy Kissik - Squire Foundation Artist in Residence, Aug 1 to Sept 13, 2016
Squire Foundation Artist in Residence • August 1 – Sept 13, 2016


JULY 2016

Amy Shackleton
HUMA3 Interview with Elaine Fleck Gallery represented artists Amy Shackleton

Amy Shackleton
ARTORONTO Interview with Elaine Fleck Gallery represented artists Amy Shackleton

APRIL 2016

Sheinina Lolita Raj
ARTORONTO Interview with Sheinina Lolita Raj at Elaine Fleck Gallery


APRIL 2015

Andrew Rowat
NY Travel Festival 2015


MARCH 2015

Andrew Rowat
Interview: In Yangon, Photographer Andrew Rowat Finds a 'Future Yet Unwritten'


Amy Shackleton:
Abiding with Nature – Painting by Amy Shackleton



Elaine Fleck Gallery:
Top 5 Toronto Boutique Art Galleries You Must Visit Now.



Andrew Rowat
Andrew's images from his "Collision Yangon" Show at the Elaine Fleck Gallery Oct. 2014 are featured in Places Journal - Public scholarship on architecture, landscape, and urbanism
History of the Present: Yangon
Emerging from a half century of dictatorship, can Myanmar’s principal city be a model of sustainable, democratic development?


JULY 2014

Inger Whist
Katie Chats interviews Inger Whist, Filmmaker / Photographer / Marine Biologist


MAY 2014

Gary Ray Rush and S.Vote
Opening Exhibition - ReConstruction


Gary Ray Rush and S.Vote
Now Magazine - ART - Must See Shows


APRIL 2014

Gary Ray Rush and S. Vote


Andrew Rowat



Elaine Fleck Interview with art dealer, gallery owner and curator Elaine Fleck: Embracing Life Through Creating, Learning and Knowing




Amy Shackleton,




Gary Ray Rush
The Creative Series with Pro Photographer Gary Ray Rush


JULY 2013

Harrison Taylor,
Young says. “If you’re buying locally, you can have a relationship with the artist that enriches the experience that you ultimately have with the piece.” Young’s parents David and Robin (who is a board member of the Art Gallery of Ontario) have amassed a collection of statement works by everyone from the established Shary Boyle(currently representing Canada at the Venice Biennale) to up-and-comer Harrison Taylor, often in sucker-punch colors that play off the patterns Robin handpicks along with all the decor.


JUNE 2013

Rhiana Sneyd, article artist profile - cockandbulltale


MAY 2013

Amy Shackleton, SFaith Is Torment. Paintings by Amy Shackleton

Jamie Day Fleck, Official Photographer for the National Gallery of Canada at the Venice Biennale 2013

Inger Whist, Scotiabank CONTACT Photo Festival Events


Andrew Rowat
Photographs by Andrew Rowat


Kathy Kissik, SMFA at Art Basel Miami Beach, Q+A with Kathy Kissik (BFD '91, FY '92)

Kathy Kissik, Jim Shearer Scopes VH1 and SCOPE Art Show's Artists On The Rise. by Zara Golden


Andrew Rowat. WSJ Magazine: Up In The Air. Former graffiti artist KAWS found international fame as a painter and toy maker— and now one of his iconic characters is joining the ranks of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photography by Andrew Rowat


Andrew Rowat, Condé Nast Traveler: Heart of the Amazon. A photo essay by Andrew Rowat

JUNE 2012

Andrew Rowat, The Magenta Flash Forward Festival 2012: Artist Review

Andrew Rowat, Magenta Newsletter Flash Forward Festival 2012: Con/Textural Barcelona

MAY 2012

Amy Shackleton, Global Art Laid Out: online weekly magazine, featured article by Morgan Tanabe

Amy Shackleton, Magenta Magazine: Exhibition Reviews by Matthew Ryan Smith

Andrew Rowat, What to see at CONTACT 2012 by Kate Fane

APRIL 2012

The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Modern Toronto: Amy Shackleton "Terraces: A series of Steps to a sustainable future..."

MARCH 2012

Amy Shackleton, Fussed Magazine: Artist Review by Florence Hodesdon

Andrew Rowat, Bloomberg Business Week: Ninjas Mining in Mongolia’s Far North. A photo essay by Andrew Rowat


Jamie Day Fleck


Kathy Kissik, Art Districts: Feature article, Kathy Kissik: Putting Art in Perspective, by Margery Gordon


Amy Shackleton, Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2011 by Alice


Amy Shackleton, The Original Blog: Featured Artist of the Week by Steven Park

Amy Shackleton, Extraordinary Brush-less Paintings by Amy Shackleton by Ikono

Amy Shackleton, Paintings by Amy Shackleton by Cuded Design & Inspiration

Amy Shackleton, Master of Paint by Alex Baumgardner

Amy Shackleton, The Blessed Artist Creating Amazing Paintings Not With Brushes but Gravity by E-Junkie


The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto International Art Fair, review by BOLD magazine

Amy Shackleton, Young Artist Uses Gravity as Her Paintbrush

Amy Shackleton, Brushless Paintings by Amy Shackleton by Kaushik


Amy Shackleton, "Incredible brushless paintings" This Is Colossal article by Christopher

Amy Shackleton, Amy Shackleton Paintings article by Cesar Couto

Amy Shackleton, Artist Reveals Her Painting Process with Time-Lapse Video by Huffington Post

Amy Shackleton, Time-lapse Art: Amy Shackleton without Paint Brushes by Bailey Johnson

Michael Conway. The Sharp List. Featuring "The Matrix" by Michael Conway


Amy Shackleton, Artist Spotlight Interview: Amy Shackleton by Press the Fashion Blog


Amy Shackleton, WordPress Site Increases Traffic Fivefold

Amy Shackleton, Review: Art Crawl 2011

NOV 2010

Gary Ray Rush, Photographs all dancers and headshots for
http:// published by Thompson Educational Publishing

MAY 2010

Kathy Kissik, The Lead Miami Beach

JUNE 2009

S.Vote, Artists in Review


Kathy Kissik, The Banff Centre: 2006 Paul D. Fleck Fellowships in the Arts