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Fine Art Photography with Gary Ray Rush

One on one and small groups classes with fine art and portrait photographer Gary Ray Rush



This is a unique opportunity to go over your photographs with professional photographer, gallery director and educator Gary Ray Rush. Your photos are reviewed, your work-flow discussed and then instruction begins in order to give you the tools, knowledge and skills you need, to take your photography to the next level.

Classes are offered: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.


ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM - six one on one classes, 12 hours $1500.00 

Learn the correct work-flow for processing your digital images and how to maximize your image quality. With the advancement of digital photography, there have never been so many software options available to today's photographers. The choices, costs, and learning curves can be so daunting that it can be hard to know where to start...and finish. Enter ADOBE LIGHTROOM. This powerful, user-friendly, all-in-one software was produced with photographers in mind – not computer gurus. All the tools of digital image processing and organization are here: folders, white balance, levels, cropping, Hue, Saturation, black/white conversion and much, much, more. Everything is laid out in front of you in an elegant, clean interface. This course is delivered in six, three-hour classes and will guide you through the most important fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom.


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY WORKFLOW: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP - six one on one classes, 12 hours $1500.00 

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard in digital imaging, it's an environment of endless creative possibilities. I teach a workflow that is non-destructive, protecting the information in your digital negative so that your prints can be truly outstanding. Once learnt this workflow is simple and repeatable. I wean photographers off of plugins, presets and auto settings all of which in the end rob photographers of controlling their creative process and often deteriorate their image files.

Whether you are relatively new to Photoshop or you want to quickly expand your expertise; these one on one lessons teach you what you need to know to achieve your goals with your fine art practice.  In order to use Photoshop effectively, you must be instructed along the lines of your creative interests.


THE ART OF THE PORTRAIT - 3 hours $500.00

This workshop provides one on one instruction on the skills required to create compelling portraits. I'll present several portrait styles, starting with available light and minimal equipment, then progress to studio lighting equipment and techniques. I bring over twenty years of experience as a professional portrait photographer. A model is provided. you will need your camera and portrait lenses.

Classes are offered: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.


For scheduling and registration: 

Call 416 469 8005 

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Don't be misled by all the hype.

Manufacturers market the auto settings of a camera as if the auto settings are what make the camera superior to the competition and are what make you a better photographer. It just isn’t true. It’s your understanding of the basics of photography that will make you a great photographer or at least a competent one.

You can put a basic consumer level camera in the hands of a real pro and he’ll find a way to make it do his bidding and come out with great shots. On the other hand, if you put a state of the art precision camera with the sharpest of lenses in the hands of someone who has not learnt how to control a camera completely and confidently. Well… he wouldn’t win any awards.

The crazy thing is that with all these auto settings; portraits, children's portraits, group portraits, backlit portraits, landscapes, close-up, action, night setting, auto ISO, etc, etc, your camera’s manual has gotten pretty thick…the funny thing is the basics of photography are not as much reading and armed with the basics all of the auto settings become easy to understand and therefore easy to apply.

The fundamentals that you need to know completely, thoroughly and honestly are just a few. Starting in manual mode… understand everything there is to know about operating the shutter, aperture, ISO, camera’s light meter, white balance and lens focus options.

Learn and understand these 7 basic “tools” really well and the next thing you know everything else related to camera operation will simplify. Most importantly your confidence as a photographer will soar.

Whether you are shooting travel, nature, portraits, sports, documentary, architecture or fine art, my classes and lessons give you the understanding and skills you need to take your photography to the next level. - Gary Ray Rush