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Matt Thomas Statement

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My work is influenced by ideas of oneness and unity, exploring where science meets spirituality. I find myself thinking a lot about the ways all things are connected/ in communication with each other/ have consciousness. I think about how the paint itself is behaving at a quantum level, and the many unseen forces acting upon the paint during the process. My method of mark making involves a cycle of creation and destruction, reflecting the circle of life. I start by laying down forms, which I then destroy by spraying with water, the molecule of creation. I then let unseen forces of nature act upon the paint, like gravity and evaporation. I then lay the painting horizontally and focus my attention on another painting. I like to think that ideas around the double-slit experiment (matter behaving differently when not being observed) play a role at this point in the process. After the forms have dried about halfway, I remove whatever paint is still wet, leaving a relatively flat image.

My works consist of many layers of this process, with transparent glazes of colour between them. I view the combination of the consciousness behind the conception of the mark, and the forces of the universe acting upon the paint as a way of speaking about how everything that makes up our universe has consciousness. I find my work moving from a micro/macro perspective toward a land and environment-based perspective. I hope to speak to these ideas as well as leave interpretation subjective to the viewer.