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Kristyn Watterworth INTRO / BIO


Kristyn Watterworth is a Canadian painter who puts questions of originality, transcendence, and history at the core of her work. Her large scale paintings rest between representation and abstraction. Her intuitive process involves the dense layering of acrylic paint on canvas. These textured layers are overlaid with expressive mark-making and line work. Her work addresses the layering of time, space, and location. Drawing from Italian Futurism, hard-edged abstraction, abstract expressionism, and urban graffiti, her gestural and colourful works present a collision and reanimation of historical styles and motifs from the timeline of 20th century art. Watterworth uses the painted surface as a map to imagined realities, where genres collide and commingle.

Watterworth received her BFA from York University. She has exhibited in London, Toronto, and Montreal.She was born in West Lorne Ontario, in 1984. Lives and works in Toronto.

Her latest project has been taking 110'000 square feet of office space in the downtown Kitchener Software company, Desire 2 Learn and filling their walls with targeted artwork. It has been an excellent Artist - Corporation partnership, where she went in and converted a space into an art studio and started talking to the staff about what they wanted to see on the walls of their departments. It was somewhat carte blanche and collaborative with what she decided to do.  Currently there are 76 panels ranging in size from 20' x 24" - 48" x 96" that span together to colour the office walls. It has been an incredible and dynamic project, fulfilling for both the company and Watterworth.