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Kathy Kissik Selected Collections and Exhibitions

Squire Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA
Delta Airlines, Boston, MA
N.B.C .Los Angeles, CA
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston
Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute, Boston
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
James Fleck, Toronto, Canada
Elaine Fleck, Toronto, Canada
Sony Music/Canada
Irwin & Judy Wrubel, NJ
Nina K. Wright, Toronto, Canada
Michael and Joan Salke, NY
Bonni Gray Fox, Toronto, Canada
Roddy Doyle, Dublin, Ireland
Oliver Tattan, Ireland
David Handlin and Associates, Cambridge, MA
Juilly Kohler, The Bradley Galleries, Milwaukee, WI
Joseph Mimram, Toronto, CA
Ann Macomber, Newton, MA
Barbara Lee, Newton, MA
Mrs. Ross Anderson, Newton, MA
Robert Remis, Boston, MA
Stanely Snider, Newton, MA
Masterman, Culbert & Tully, Boston, MA
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
The Progressive Corporation
R.S.P.C.A., Brooklyn, N Y
Vidal Sassoon Corporation
Wave Development Group, Miami, FL
Wellington Management
Fleming & Associates, LLP

"American The Beautiful", Alpha Gallery, Boston MA  2017
“Impact”, G Space, Santa Barbara, CA 2016
“Process”, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, 4/2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
“Immanent”, Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2013
“Qualia”, Alpha Gallery, Boston 2/2012
“K.Kissik The Elaine Fleck Gallery. Toronto, 2008, -11
“K.Kissik” Art Basel, South Florida Arts Center, Miami, 2010
“K. Kissik” Art Basel, The Governor Hotel, Miami, 2009
“K. Kissik: New Work, Contact” The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, 2006/07
“The Grail”, Suzanne DeWitt Gallery, Naples, Fl., 2005
“K.Kissik” T.F Greene Airport, Providence, RI. 2004 Underwritten by RISCA
Kathy Kissik, Alpha Gallery, Boston, 2003
"Taken by the Sky" Cathedral Gallery, Belfast, N. Ireland, 2002
"Taken by the Sky", Oscar Wilde House, Dublin, Ireland, 2002
"Taken by the Sky", Blackfort Organic Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 2001
“The Least Possible Words", Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Fl., 1999
Underwritten by State Street Global Advisors
“ Kathy Kissik”, Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1996
“Kathy Kissik: New Work”, Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1994
“Kathy Kissik: New Work”, Alpha Gallery, Boston. 1993
“Build, AS 220 Galleries, Providence, RI, 1989

"Storefront", Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami Beach, FL, 2020
"Winter", Elaine Fleck Gallery Toronto, CA ,2019
"Syphon" Elaine Fleck Gallery April 2017
Camden Art Center , London 2017
“Festival of Unadjusted Art”, Munich, 2014-15,16
“Scope” Art Basel Miami, Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2013-15,16
“Art Miami,” Art Basel, Alpha Gallery, 2012
“White Night”, Berlin, 8/2016
“9” Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, 2012
“In Art We Trust” Design District, Miami, 2011
“Art Basel”, South Florida Arts Center, Miami, 2011
“Toronto International Art Fair,” Canada, 2011
“Pink Bastard”, Wynwood, Miami, 2011
“Urban Explorations”, Newton art Center, Newton, MA, 2011
“Trash Art” K.Kissik & A.F. Adler, SFAC, Miami, 2010
“Lotus House Fundraiser”, Marquiles Art Warehouse, Miami, 2010
“Winter Party Festival”, Dot Fifty-One, Miami, 2010
“One Night Stand” The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, CA 2010
“Art with Heart Fundraiser” for Casey House/ Waterhouse Sotheby’s, Toronto, 2009
Bridge Art Fair, Miami,2009
“Paraphernalia” curated by Bernice Steinbaum, The Bakehouse, Miami, 2009
“Form and Function” Art Basel, The Bakehouse, Miami, 2008
“Basel on the Beach”, 1500 Ocean Drive, Miami, 2007
“The Sky is Yellow”, Art Center/South Florida, Miami, 2007
Architecture” Tufts University, Medford, MA 2007
“Gallery Show”, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, CA 2007
“Bridge Art/Art Basel” Alpha Gallery, Miami, 2006
“Complement” Art Center/South Florida, Miami, 2005/ 06
“Erect” Design District/ Art Basel, Miami, , 2005
“Trinity Inspires” Trinity Church, , MA, 2005
“Meter” The Ruth Shack Gallery, Miami, 2005
“Belfast May Festival”, Cathedral Gallery, Belfast, N. Ireland, 2002
"Postcards to N.Y.", Macy Gallery, Columbia University NY, NY, 2001
“Juried Exhibition”, juror Ivan Karp, Pleiades Gallery, NY, NY
"Small Works” Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA, 2001
“Sarah's Circle Benefit" The Swedish American Museum Center, Chicago 2001
Middle East Benefit Auction "Brian Wright", Boston, 2001
“The Art Show”, Sponsored by Art Dealer’s Association of America, NY, NY 1993/2008
“Fire and Ice”, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA, 1998,99,00,01
“Benefit Auction”, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA, 1998, 99, 00, 01
“Gallery Artist”, Alpha Gallery, Boston, 1993 - 2008
“Art Cetria Aids Auction”, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, 1998-2001
“Art Cetria Preview”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston 1998-2001
New York Armory Show, NY, NY 194-2012
“Art Chicago”, Chicago, IL 1993 - 2012
"Windows", Dana M McCutcheon Gallery, Berkeley, CA, 2000