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Karen Colangelo

Karen Colangelo picked up her first paintbrush at the age of 10 and since then painting has been the constant priority in her life.

Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; her Mother, a watercolour artist. Karen spent a majority of her childhood travelling throughout Canada and the United States. This is where her appreciation for the outdoors and the natural environment happened. By travelling she was inspired and impassioned with the colour that surrounded her.

Karen’s acute observation of the manifestation of harmony and discord constantly found in daily life are repeated throughout her artistic creations. Karen spent all of her free time as a child creating art. Although self-taught from a young age, Karen went on to receive her Bachelor Degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University in Toronto. After working in the field of interior design for 12 years, Karen decided to dedicate her drive and passion to produce works of art on a full-time basis.

Over the span of her artistic career Karen has created vibrant, colourful and powerful abstract pieces. Preferring to paint on a large scale, she has a distinctive way of combining colour, texture, movement and lines.

Inspired by colour, she paints with the concept and theory of layering. She is always striving to achieve different effects with paint, creating work that strays from conventional methods in order to excite, intrigue and engage her audience.


I paint the concept of Contradiction. I’ve always been attracted to bringing opposite elements together, side-by-side, and all at once to see how they can evolve and exist together. What would typically go against something is now suddenly attracted to it; becoming the dance, the play of opposing forces.

My painting style is Abstract. My medium acrylic paints on wood or canvas. I’m inspired to create work that strays from conventional application methods in order to excite and intrigue my audience. I paint with brushes and with the opposite of brushes; dragging paint across my canvas with plastic CD jewel cases and sheets of plexi-glass. The end result, are worlds of contradictory abstractions. I’m creating a world that embraces the struggle of colour, the piece is finished with acceptance to just ‘be’ and move on. What came from contradiction turns into harmony and likeness.

I start my work by introducing the two contenders of the match. The two colours; one in each corner of the canvas begin their journey to meet, eventually, in the middle. With their soft brush strokes, and their shields of hard textured lines, the fight or dance begins. I work with a steadfast patience, allowing the paint to dry then I work quickly to blend in the opposing wet colour. The painting evolves and starts to take shape and I am constantly bringing in contrasting elements. I become the referee in this universal match. The creator of peace to end the Contradiction.