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Cindy Dyson

Artist’s Statement

My fascination with everyday street scenes reflects my hope and struggle to believe that the most beautiful moments in life are not always as expected. Perhaps these precious times are all at once – mundane and frenzied, fragile and strong, peaceful and painful, sunny and dark.

I work with acrylic paint and palette knives.  I find that the endlessness to the variety of mark I can make with these tools challenges and fascinates me.  I love the physicality and range of the knife – aggressive slices, delicate dabs, focused scrapes and thick bold swaths of colour.  The paint is so flexible – I can spray, splatter, blob and pour it. These qualities enable me to express a wide range of emotion in each piece.

I am greatly influenced by the European Impressionists. Their sensitive offerings physically and emotionally connect me to their 19th century world. My application of paint does not result in realistic representation.   Rather, I am satisfied with a rough familiarity and mood of subject.  My goal is to present an intriguing balance of roughness and tenderness; boldness and vulnerability, representation and expression.




Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Manitoba


Faculty of Arts, University of Manitoba

Related Work


Teaching art (volunteer) to Grade 5/6 students, Chapman Elementary School, November – May

Solo Exhibitions


Niakwa Country Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba November 2013 – January


Cities, Birchwood Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November, December


Cities, Portage and District Arts Centre, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, November, December


Winnipeg, Pulse Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October


McGarry Guild Gallery, St. John’s Ravenscourt, Winnipeg, Manitoba Nov – Jan


Response, GoSA Gallery, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, February

Group Exhibitions


Art for Autumn, Birchwood Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November, December


Dab Art International Juried Show at the Hud Gallery, Ventura, California, USA, Nov – Dec

Manitoba Society of Artists Juried Exhibition, Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June


World of Children, Fundraiser for Winnipeg Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation, Artlington Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, April

Women’s Works 2013, The Old Court House Arts Center, Woodstock, Illinois March – April


Lives of Women With Sharon Cory, Fabiola Marrabotto, Cindy Dyson, Gloria De Neve, Des

Raymond and guests, Artlington Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November

10th Annual Femfest, Asper Theatre and Art Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, September

Manitoba Society of Artists Juried Show, Winnipeg Art Gallery, April

Pop Up Art, Exchange District BIZ, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artists of the Pulse Gallery, Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall; Piano Nobile Gallery, November 10, 2011 – January 28


Fleet Galleries,Winnipeg, Manitoba, August


Art-i-Peg, Cre8ery Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Sketch Club 93rd Annual Juried Show, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November

Winnipeg Sketch Club Show, Assiniboine Park Conservatory, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October


Visions, Ken Segal Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, May – June

Painters 4 Process, Cre8ery Gallery, Winnipeg Manitoba, Ma

Sweet Nothings, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, March

Scholarships and Awards


Manitoba Society of Artists Award (2nd), MSA Juried Exhibition, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Manitoba Arts Council Grant, Portage and District Arts Centre Cities solo show

Portage and District arts Centre “People’s Choice” award


Aesthetica Creative Works Competition, commendation, York, UK


UMSU Scholarship Award, University of Manitoba.

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Government of Manitoba Archives Collection 2009, 2011

Private and Public Collections