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Andrew Harris Introduction / Education / Artist Statement / Involvement

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Harris manages to navigate the merging of classical subjects and techniques with contemporary themes and styles. His subjects and compositions are at once, like a great rock band, wonderfully tight and loose at the same time. The anachronisms in his paintings work both ways; the past is in the present and the present is in the past.

Andrew Harris is young, talented, ready and producing large, unique exciting contemporary works of art; available for purchase at the Elaine Fleck Gallery


Andrew Harris’ mythological paintings are created through a combination of observational thought and emotive intuition. 

Each work begins in his sketchbook and is then moved through various stages of development. 

In his practice, Harris simultaneously draws upon traditional methods and instinctive reactions from the materiality of paint.

Andrew lives and, practices out of his studio, in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario.

Education & Artist's Statement

2017: Bachelor of Fine Art, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

The idea begins with a drawing in the sketchbook. Whether it is loosely planned out, or sometimes rendered with closer attention, my paintings start as small thumbnail drawings. The following phases process the formal language and moves ideas through different steps as the painting is constructed. 

This method of working allows for the seed of the work to be stemmed from personal, sometimes subconscious, parts of myself, but it ultimately changes as it grows. The thesis of my work straddles the line between the forces of life and death. 

The myths I create symbolize different aspects of this, especially with how difficult and complex this life can be living with the knowledge of mortality.


2013: Children's Mural @ Al-Rasool Islamic School

2014: Selected work @ Chris Nolan's Open Kitchen

2014-15 : PowerKids Volunteer @ The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery 

2015: Good Bad Girl in Street Voices Magazine, issue #2

2015: Endeavour I & II @ Art Square Gallery

2015: Bazaar's Bratlist @ The Super Wonder Gallery

2015: Cocoon Launch Party @ OUT/AUT Gallery of Modern Art

2015: The Billion Dollar War Show @ The Super Wonder Gallery

2015-16: Selected works @ Vino Rosso Restaurant

2016: Festival of the Body @ The Great Hall, OCAD University

2016: Why The @#&! Do You Paint?: Go Figure @ The Gladstone Hotel

2017: GradEx 102: OCAD University's Annual Graduate Exhibition 


2018: Artist Project, UNTAPPED @ The Better Living Centre

2018: A Letter from the Other Side in Aesthetica Magazine, march/april 2018 issue

2018: New works in Elaine Fleck Catalogue