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Anand Jaggernauth - Artist Statement

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Trinidad, attended the University of Western Ontario and enjoyed a decade long career in the oil and gas industry as a Geophysicist.

I’ve always been excited by the possibilities of art and believe that creativity is the very essence of our growth as an individual. I see the canvas as a medium for translating my ideas and passion into something others find captivating and engaging.

Now residing in Toronto, I work as a full time artist. I work out of my studio at Walnut Studios. I’m also the permanent Resident Artist for Canada’s new national Stock Exchange – NEO Exchange. 

Using different tools to paint, my process initiates with the Science in me - using 90% oils along with other mixtures. I see the canvas as the first layer in the subsurface as I create new layers and integrate texture. As I continue to build, layers move, blend and settle. My tools and integration of texture create friction to my movement. This building process captures depth, fluidity and movement - bringing harmony into all my pieces.

Using various white pigments throughout the building process, I begin to alter the opacity, transparency, tints and saturation. I balance all these attributes to end with art that imparts knowledge, open minds, challenge thinking and enhance ideas.