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Shackleton's paintings explore the evolving relationship between nature and cities. Using natural forms as examples for sustainable design, she suggests innovative solutions for urban planning and development. Drawing inspiration from her global travels and photographs, she fuses urban and natural worlds to illustrate her vision of the future—a future where cities welcome the natural world.

Shackleton's paintings call to mind the dystopian post-apocalyptic aesthetic but strangely without all the gloom, hinting at rebirth and optimism. She offers an alternative view to all the inconvenient truths about environmental degradation— she looks beyond the issues and suggests solutions. Shackleton's paintings reveal the progress being made with the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings. More and more developments are making changes by incorporating green roofs, rain gardens, solar energy, urban agriculture, and other energy efficient standards.

Shackleton has developed a unique process, earning the title “gravity artist.” She applies the paint with squeeze bottles and rotates her canvas to guide each drip as it falls down the stretched surface. Thorough planning, measuring and layering is involved, but she's at the mercy of gravity, which helps create organic details in her work. Shackleton's calculated, yet spontaneous process mimics the duality of her urban/natural visions.


Toronto based artist Amy Shackleton (b.1986, Bowmanville) has exhibited paintings in New York City, London, Massachusetts, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. A timelapse video revealing her unique process went viral, reaching over 1,000,000 people. Shackleton was interviewed on the national television show, CTV Canada AM and her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Magenta Magazine, CBC, CBS, Gizmodo, My Modern Met and Oddity Central. Shackleton’s paintings adorn dozens of private and corporate collections across North America, including the Colart Collection in Montreal and the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Shackleton received her BFA Honours Degree from York University in 2008.