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The Run, Fallowfield Ontario
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The Run, Fallowfield Ontario

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Oil on Wood

48 x 36 inches


Valerie Carew
Artist Statement
Bluebird Salt and Pepper Shakers, Oil on Wood, 36” x 48,” 2018
The Run, Oil on Wood, 36” x 48,” 2018
The setting for these paintings feature fallow farmland slated for suburban housing
development. The land had already been bulldozed and pushed around, but what is
seen here is the immediate and tenacious insistence of the ecosystem, made up of
native and non-native plant and animal species, to reclaim and cover the unprotected soil. The kitsch figurines act as nature replacements within the home, however they are also reminders of our human presence in the landscape- acting as proxies for the human invasive species.


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