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Artist Statement:

Land Love

My practice focuses on ways of connecting people to land. Land based paintings combine various forms of representation of the natural world. I often feature post industrial landscapes in various states of repair and renewal. I employ the home as a symbolic device in relation to personal identity, and a physically mediating object between the body and natural environments.

In these works, inside and outside environments come together; images of land become interrupted by the insertion of commodified, post-colonial household objects of adornment and/or amusement. Sentimental and tactile objects act as nature replacements which merge with the body and the land depicted.These elicit dream-like memory and nostalgia for land, allow for the ways we retrieve it in our interior urban lives, and celebrate the tenacity of the wild.

Land Acknowledgement:

I investigate areas of regeneration in southern Ontario such as fallow farmland ecosystems. These areas are the ancestral and contemporary territories of the Algonquin, Mississaugas of the New Credit, the Haudenosaunee, the Annishnaabe nation and the Huron-Wendat.