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Matt Thomas lives and works out of Toronto, Canada.

Matt Thomas’ work explores ideas and research around the intersection of science and spirituality. He immerses himself in a process of creation and destruction, building complex layers of evidence of consciousness and unseen forces of nature.

Matt Thomas most recent series "Convection" focuses on approaching painting in terms of a way of engaging and responding to his environment. As an avid skateboarder, Matt sees and engages with the urban environment in a different way. Everywhere he goes, ledges, curbs, stairs, and planters become different tricks and manoeuvres that the artist could physically create. Thomas is painting in a similar fashion, by seeing Painting in the urban environment. Most of these “paintings” are technically ad spaces in between ads, a build-up of posters, graffiti, exterior paint, etc. A build of material on a surface over time is how Thomas understands them as paintings.

Thomas’ practice is now centred on the “convection” of this external environment being internalized and then externalized again in the form of his paintings. The process of layering and excavating, adding and removing, can speak to one’s own self-reflection and how we work on ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. Thomas uses this process to reflect on his personal life and mental health, using painting as a place for self-reflection.

Thomas is a 4th year BFA Student at Ontario College of Art and Design University. He has been exhibiting for the past 3 years.

Thomas is constantly researching, writing and painting, producing a high volume of contemporary works available for purchase through the Elaine Fleck Gallery.