Curated Contemporary Art Since 2005
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The Elaine Fleck Gallery welcomes and receives new submissions from artists every day. 

Since 2009 Elaine Fleck has channelled this energy by curating Fleck Fine Art Catalogues and presenting Exhibitions featuring the Best of New Submission from independent/emerging artists, along with her represented artists and articles from leaders in the Canadian Art World.                                                                   

Click here to view the Fleck Fine Art catalogues and exhibitions archives.

In 2019, Elaine Fleck began "NEW" EXHIBITION curating ten to twelve of the best recent submissions from independent/emerging artists.

These exhibitions benefit the emerging artist community with an acclaimed venue and art buyers with the opportunity to view and purchase outstanding art from emerging talent.

March 4 - 18

Opening Reception
Thursday March 5th 7-9pm

Dania Al Obaidi      Joe Atikian
Julie Burke      Emily Carriere
Joanna Czub      Corin Ford Forrester
Todd Lawson      Carole Morin
Mike Rachlis      Youssef Rami  
Natalie Viecili