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Mike Rachlis artist statement & exhibition history at the Elaine Fleck Gallery

Video and interview of Mike Rachlis by Green House Studios Canada @greenhouse_cam


VIDEO: Elaine Fleck in conversation with Mike Rachlis
about his APRIL solo exhibition.
talks about his work at an evening soirée in November 2021

Mike Rachlis is a represented artist at the Elaine Fleck Gallery. Rachlis is well known for his large-scale paintings which are regularly on display at the Elaine Fleck Gallery. He paints the human form, faces, animals, and landscapes. His painting style is a beautiful fusion of figurative work and gestural abstraction, with his graffiti like energetic markings, large brushstrokes, and paint splattering.

His paintings make tangible the organization of chaos, they are at once both loose and tight. His use of colour, brush work and marks are completely convincing. When you view a Mike Rachlis painting you are viewing the freedom and unbridled expression, of a young maestro.

This February 2022 the Elaine Fleck Gallery is featuring a new series of paintings by Mike Rachlis titled “WORKS ON PAPER”.