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Opening Reception
Saturday, March 2nd, 2 - 4 pm


Artist Statement

Mariana Paloscia is a self-taught Argentine-born Canadian artist based of her home studio in Puslinch, Ontario. Her acrylic paintings reflect her passion for astronomy and space exploration and relay a message to humanity to open our minds, look at the big picture and never stop being curious.

In her latest work, Through my Telescope Series, she displays her own interpretation of nebulae (clouds of dust and stars floating in outer space). Through the telescope, the view is based on photos of real life nebulae captured by NASA's telescopes but modified to look like something we can identify on Earth. She also includes an element of human creation, something we can relate that takes us to "new and exciting" places. In this series, the elements are "means of transportation" going into or coming from the nebula to symbolize our curiosity.

The background acts as a reminder to look at the big picture. The upper portion, The Big: Cosmos, as seen from our own window; and the bottom portion, The Small: Quantum, is an old handwritten map/design sheet with coordinates and distance to the nebula. The symbols on this sheet are based on pictures taken in particle acceleration labs of the traces particles leave in bubble chambers. To the bottom right, the unintelligible signature for "The Creator", that symbolizes that the search for answers to existential questions has kept us curious and on the road for discovery and technological advancement.