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Artist Statement

My body of work explores diamonds and the various elements that make them so alluring. I am especially inspired by their physical form, specifically after they have been masterfully cut and polished by human hands. Diamonds are the strongest and purest substance known to man, and I am fascinated by the way we have been able to manipulate them physically. Furthermore, humans have socially constructed the symbolic meaning of the diamond, and changed it significantly overtime. These gemstones have represented positive to negative societal values, from romance and beauty to elitism and greed. I focus on the meaning that we as humans have instilled on the material, and how those values have changed over time.

I create each piece like a puzzle, arranging each facet of colour and light to build a vivid and optical image. I begin by studying the geometry and refraction of diamonds on an almost microscopic level, in order to recreate them on a larger scale. I exaggerate these elements and intuitively build and expand the image, one fragment at a time. Each facet is like an individual piece that highlights remarkable details I uncover from my observations. The final results are abstracted studies of diamonds that invite the spectators close, and create an enticing and electric atmosphere.