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"You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO
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"You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO "You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO "You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO "You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO "You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO


"You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)" by LAURIO


Presentation 1.) Limited Edition Print (signed by the artist) 28.6 x 40 inches housed in a Light Box 30.6 x 42 x 4 inches

Presentation 2.) Limited Edition Print (signed by the artist) 28.6 x 40 inches mounted on an aluminum backing


mixed media drawing titled “You’re Gonna Remember Me No. 2 (Kinkaku-ji)”

28.6 x 40 inches

Fineliners (black ink), watercolour pencils, genuine gold leaf, water-based paint markers, liquid watercolour markers, acrylic ink and gouache on a matboard


The Covid-19 pandemic has without a doubt changed life as everyone knew it, and has made me reflect on the most incredible places I was lucky enough to visit, as well as the world gems that still await my discovery. 

One of the most impressive, elegant and devastatingly beautiful sights I have ever seen is Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan, the top two floors of which are completely covered in gold leaf. The gold in the sunlight is a thing of beauty and its reflection shimmers in the large pond that the pavilion overlooks. 

The different layers of gold, yellow and orange hues from the various mediums I used formed a base coat for the genuine gold leaf, which I then layered further in certain areas. As a result, the gold leaf shines a varied range of colours depending on the angle from which the viewer stands and the particular lighting reflecting on it, such that a viewer could see completely different colours and perspectives of the pavilion while walking around the original piece.

Yes, the beauty of the pavilion’s gold leaf is immediately captivating but what enhances the view at Kinkaku-ji is the backdrop of the overflowing greenery, intricately-shaped stones and their calming and dainty reflections in the pond. I therefore wanted the viewer’s attention to be drawn immediately by the gold, but upon a closer look, I wanted the viewer to have an appreciation for the surroundings’ contribution to the entire panorama. The curves in the sky and the swirls of the detailed leaves, twigs and contours of the stones’ fissures help to create movement in this otherwise inanimate piece. By combining the precision and detail that fineliner pens allow me with the glazing and smooth texture achieved from applying paint and other mediums, I hoped to translate that stunning view of Kinkaku-ji into an ethereal memory on paper.


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