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"Tobermory Abstract 1" by CELIA MOASE
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"Tobermory Abstract 1" by CELIA MOASE


Exploring spaces for the first time heightens my awareness and is one of my favourite ways to shoot. Visiting Tobermory for the first time I am moved by the patterns and colours changing in front of my lens. I allow myself to be in the present moment while examining this view. My breath, thoughts and movements become one with the waters and earth. Shooting on film, I click only once or twice, when I feel I am in sync with the elements.

Medium format film photograph, 2017

30 x 30 inch archival print

Framed full bleed in white with anti-reflective glass


Celia Moase Artist Statement:

My work explores how slowness and presence lend to a greater awe in our world. For my practice, I visit nature while moving with mindfulness. This allows me to magnify small, overlooked areas into whole worlds within my frame. Shooting with film requires patience and observation to create my final pieces. In standing in front of these worlds, I incite awe and a new curiosity of the world we live in. Living in the present reduces anxiety and depression, which is at an all time high in our society. My latest series Moss Girls // New Landscapes speaks to this concept. I combine my film images of moss and landscapes around North America to compose new worlds. The familiar yet abstract pieces provide new perspectives and feed new ideas. Created during week 10 of COVID isolation, these pieces help inspire our new world. I continue to explore being present and mindful in my own life and allow it to intertwine with my practice.



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