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Abstract painting has been one of my favourable passions as an artist. My imagination sprung deep from my environment and from my most private inner thoughts. I began using encaustics because I was quite intrigued by its ancient history. I was challenged by its process of heating and cooling which in essence captures the dynamic of turmoil and demands control nothing like that of any other painting medium.  If one tries to fight wax’s essential characteristics to harden the instantaneous it leaves its heat source, one will be conquered.  In encaustic painting one needs to plainly go with the flow and let the wax find its place.

This medium reflects how my mind processes and stores the environment around me.  Encaustic is a layering process.  Layering the surface of the painting with beeswax is much like the way that my memories are layered and revised in my mind.  Beeswax preserves vivid pigments and adds brilliance for thousands of years just like how my mind preserves my memories as colorful and fresh as the day that they were formed.

My artwork has brought me great inspiration and has lifted my spirit in such a way that encourages me to use intense combination of materials and colors. Making Abstract paintings is not easy at first, it’s not a simple object or scene to produce but it comes from within you through a lifetime of acquired skills and the wonders of experiences.

Encaustics demands a hand that is confident, controls the medium, and allows the freedom of the flow of the wax. This balance of discipline and disconformities are reflected in my work as well as my life. I try to let life take hold and just go with the flow versus distressing about everything all the time, and unlike life, encaustic is merciful.  If you don’t like what you put down, just
scrape it off and start over. Imagine if only life was as easy.

I have been working exclusively with encaustics for several years and my passion to it increasesby the day. The world of encaustics consistently fascinates and challenges me, thus I will continue exploring and developing new techniques to further enhance my creations with the versatile material that is called ‘Wax.