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Yo'hko - the Owl

Brandon Steen

Yo'hko - the Owl


40 x 30 inches

Acrylic on wood panel



In VANISHED a series of six paintings named in the Wendat language, I explore the negative impact we humans have made in relation to the environment where we find Toronto today. All the creatures in these six paintings the moose (aoskway), great grey owl (yo'hko), bear (yänionnyen) white tailed deer (ohskënonton'), Algonquin wolves (yänariskwa) and the beaver (tsou'tayi) have either vanished from Toronto or only seen under controlled circumstances by humans. By juxtaposing the birds and animals to Toronto today, I hope to create a impact that inspires people to be more mindful and present as they live out their lives in Toronto. Knowing that our human footprint is a heavy one, may you look up from your phones and take in the beauty of our flora and fauna that scratches out their existence with us today.


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