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St. George

Brandon Steen

St. George


Acrylic on birch panel

48 x 36 inches


St. George Ward has many buildings but arguably the most beautiful is a bricked building called the Toronto Club. It is Canada's oldest private member's club a fact that is captured in the graffiti seen in the Monopoly Man waving the "WE'RE #1" foam finger on the second floor. The club was founded the same year as Toronto's first mayor William Lyon MacKenzie was mounting an armed rebellion against the British Crown in 1837. This historical significant factoid is capture in the graffiti to the left of the main door. The building was design by Darling and Curry and the letters DC are painted on the blocked over basement window. The Toronto Club has very strict rules one being you are not permitted to say hello once inside the walls. That detail is shown to the right of the front door with a street tag that reads "POST NO HELLO" and Conrad Black was expelled from the club which can be seen in the graffiti that reads "GO AWAY CONRAD" All this is set with the quite, majestic solitude of an albino bull moose strolling past the club on Wellington Street.

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In this series Toronto Saints Canadian artist Brandon Steen connects five wards, five Saints, five bricked buildings and five paintings.

Looking back to the city of Toronto‘s original boundaries we see they were defined by five wards; St Lawrence, St David’s, St Patrick’s, St Andrew’s to St George’s in 1834.
However, it wasn’t for another 57 years when the Taylor brothers in 1891 started a pressed brick empire that would further define those wards with bricked factories, hospitals, houses, hotels, concert halls, markets, arenas, Parliament buildings and universities.
Five of those buildings are captured in the five paintings exhibited on the former site of the Taylor Brothers Empire now known as the Evergreen Brick Works.


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