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Mile 205

Brandon Steen

Mile 205


40 x 30 inches

Acrylic on birch panel


Series: TODAY YESTERDAY - The railway bridges of Toronto

Today, I don’t think we give them much thought as they cross our great city like a spider’s web. Yesterday, they were marvelled and heralded with building our nation. When I was a child I was shipped off to summer at my Nan’s and the train was how I arrived. The train fueled my imagination as it made it’s way up the St. Lawrence. I would pass the time walking from one end to the other. However, when we crossed expanses on bridges it would make me think how different our province would be today if it weren’t for the woven ribbons of steel. In my new series, Today Yesterday I draw a spotlight on eight bridges that once served the coming of age of the city we know today. The oldest bridge and arguably the most beautiful is the Leaside High Bridge. Built way back in 1884 and is still in use today. Lucky for me I can enjoy it’s boom, chicka, boom daily from our house. My hope with this series is the next time you pass under or over these heavy lifters you’ll take in their design, their form and function in a whole new way, think about their continued contribution to society. - Brandon Steen


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